Forestines A perfect elegant gift,
the "Forestines" in their chic, traditional oval-shaped tin,
criss-crossed in gold.
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"Forestines" have SPECIALITIES OF FRANCE NATIONAL HERITAGE status in the Confectionary and Chocolate-making category.


"Forestine", an historical candy

Inside their silky crispy cloak of iridescent colours, the "Forestines" conceal an authentic almond and hazelnut smooth praline, flavoured with chocolate... For over a century, according to traditional confectionery manual techniques, all our exquisite praline centres remain entirely home made. A unique savoir-faire made by the best craftmen, using unchanged recipe and still using the founder's original machinery for incomparable textures : all our sugar coatings are still hand-beaten at great length to obtain their pearly appearance and unique satin-like colours… To-day as in the past, these top-quality sweet delicacies remains the exclusive production of the "Maison des Forestines".

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