Every soft-centred
sweet in to-day's
world is a descendant
of the one and
same ancestor :


Historique des Forestines

In 1884 :
in the midst of his success
Georges Forest builds
a magnificent edifice
in the Haussmann style
to accommodate his
"Maison de la Forestine".

Georges Forest In 1879, Georges Forest, a confectioner of talent established in Bourges under the Second Empire invents the world’s first ever soft-centred sweet : a union of crispness and smoothness he christens "Forestine"*. A "French revolution" in sweet confectionery! And a resounding success : Forestines are awarded the First Silver Medal at the Paris 1889 Universal Exhibition. In 1896, Georges Forest initiates his successor, Georges Tavernier into the precious recipe behind the confection of the "Forestines". Four years later, "Forestines" are awarded the Silver Medal during the Paris Universal Exhibition and then the Gold Medal in the Colonial ExhibitionGeorges Forest held in Paris in 1931. A unique savoir-faire handed down by four generations of the Tavernier family.
  • Cathédrale Saint-Etienne
  • Maison des Forestines
  • Maison des Forestines
  • Palais Jacques Coeur
  • Palais Jacques Coeur
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